10 Midjourney Style Codes to try in December 2023

A Thanksgiving helping of custom Style Codes to play with.

Pedro Sostre


I’m fast becoming addicted to creating images with AI, and the Midjourney Style Tuner is a big part of that. If you don’t know what a Style Tuner is, click the link in the previous sentence because the rest of this article won’t make much sense.

I’ve been experimenting with giving Midjourney very simple prompts (in this example, just one word) and letting tuned style codes do the heavy lifting.

I’m enjoying the results so I’m sharing 10 style codes that I’ve used quite a bit recently. For clarity, each of these 4-grid images are the result of the one word prompt “/imagine Thanksgiving” with a different style code appended to the end.

Caption of each image has the copy/paste.

/imagine Thanksgiving

First let’s see the default MJ style 4-grid

/imagine Thanksgiving --ar 16:9

Cute. Family. Traditional autumn hues. Can’t complain.

Now let’s see the power of some finely-tuned style codes.

--style idFMMThs7peyq

I’ve previously described this one as “A quirky, illustrative, chaotic style.”

/imagine Thanksgiving --style idFMMThs7peyq --ar 16:9

Absolute chaos. I love it. If people sent “Thanksgiving Day” greeting cards, these would be top sellers amongst a small, specific niche of people: me.

--style 4h1owzj6NSJs

A smooth, imaginative, futuristic style.

/imagine Thanksgiving --style 4h1owzj6NSJs -- ar 16:9

Ok- I don’t hate it. This style was originally tuned for a beauty and fashion prompt so the result makes sense.



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