5 Miami Startups That Are Helping You Get Through Self-Quarantine

While we’re all navigating this new WFH life, here are 5 local startups that are working to make your time at home more pleasurable.

Pedro Sostre


Don’t pretend this isn’t what your desk looks like now that you’re working form home… Photo credit Dillon Shook

Building a startup is hard. Add global crisis to your list of things to deal with and it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel completely.

Luckily great startup founders are often very resilient — and even if resiliency doesn’t come naturally — Nassim Taleb has been preparing us for uncertain times for the past 10 years. Smart startups are built to be anti-fragile.

So when the coronavirus started changing the way we live and work, I was excited to see many of the startups I work with at WeWork Labs spring into action. Pivoting, reorganizing, and shifting priorities to deliver on their vision within our new shared reality.

Here are five of the companies (in no particular order) that have shifted their focus to help us get through this difficult time:

1. Friendspire

Friendspire is an app where you can easily find recommendations from your friends within movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, restaurants and bars.

Even though restaurant & bar recommendations usually make up much of their traffic, the COVID-19 lockdown has taken those off the table so the team at Friendspire has doubled down on helping you find what to watch on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

They’ve also launched a fun set of ideas on IG @stayhomeandchill

Download their app today to connect with your friends and find the best of what to watch during those extra hours at home.

2. VLA Online Academy

VLA (Virtual Learning Academy) brought their business to Miami from Costa Rica just a few months ago. Their mission is to help helps people to get better jobs through education. Their educational courses are delivered in Spanish and English via live, virtual group sessions. They are already well positioned for a virtual world — but here are some new ways they’re delivering…



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