Accelerating startups through - I help early-stage founders launch better, grow faster, and raise smarter. Published Author & Speaker.
Or not, I’m not here to judge. (img cred:

Anna Kendrick almost got me to sign up for this.

However, a startup is not a business.


Does anyone else spend way too long trying to find a cover photo for their content just to end up with something that you’re only half-happy with? 📸 Bench

Don’t pretend this isn’t what your desk looks like now that you’re working form home… Photo credit Dillon Shook

Building a startup is hard. Add global crisis to your list of things to deal with and it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel completely.

Me throwing money at Google every month.

Unfortunately, despite Google’s original motto, “Don’t be evil”, there’s something more sneaky at…

Actual photo of my face when a client tells me they want to schedule all their posts for the next 5 weeks. 📷

Pedro Sostre

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