Getting Started with Midjourney’s Style Tuner + Examples

How to use the Style Tuner to level up your prompts + several custom styles and style tuners to get you started.

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/imagine image to accompany a how to article about midjourney style tuners pleasant colors — style idFMMThs7peyq — no guitar — ar 4:1

Notes: This article assumes you’re familiar with using Midjourney. Those with zero experience may want to read this first.

The basic idea behind using AI for image creation, is simple. Enter a few words (the “prompt”) and some Artificial Intelligence computing magic spits out what it thinks you’re asking for.

Standard prompt optimization: words & parameters

There is a lot of tweaking you can do with words you put in prompts, but it is a bit limited.

The Midjourney Bot does not understand grammar, sentence structure, or words like humans, and it will not reliably interpret commas, brackets, hyphens, capitalization, etc.

Still, you can get creative by playing with ideas like adding movie scene types into your prompts.

Next we have parameters. Note: I’ve also seen these called “arguments” and “commands” in different documentation and release notes.

Parameters give you the ability to control aspect ratio, variability, and “weirdness” of the results. Utilizing parameters is essential when you’re trying to control the output. Here is a list of Midjourney parameters.

While experimenting with the words and parameters in your prompts can generate incredible results (and be a lot of fun), it can be a bit frustrating when some of the images come out exactly how you’re expecting and others are a complete departure from what you intended.

After a while, good images start to feel more like “happy accidents” than skill

Next level prompt optimization: Style Tuner

Released in November 2023, the Style Tuner has the power to unlock incredible power for your prompts. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Instead of running an /imagine command before your prompt, you use a /tune command before your prompt. Examples:



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