Midjourney Cheatsheet: 2023 Updates

Pedro Sostre
5 min readNov 11, 2023

A summary of important announcements from Midjourney this year.

/imagine a utopian futuristic illustrated landscape being assembled in primary colors minimalist — ar 16:9 — style raw — s 250 — Upscaled (2x)

The advancements in visual AI generation are happening faster than most of us can keep up. This is a reference of use-based changes (no admin notes regarding account management, billing, etc.) for those of us who want to have a bookmark of the new and useful without having to memorize or dig through all the detailed announcements.

Prompts, arguments, parameters, & commands in blockquotes for easy scanning.

Feb 01, 2023: Aspect Ratio

  • Increased maximum aspect ratio to 2:1 or 1:2 (landscape and portrait)

— ar argument to specify non-square aspect ratios such as — ar 16:9 or — ar 1:2

March 15, 2023: Magazine

  • Launched a limited edition, physical, printed Midjourney Magazine! Ships monthly with interviews, and amazing imagery & prompts. Available here: https://mag.midjourney.com/
  • Alpha-testing V5 algorithms. What’s new:

— tile argument for seamless tiling (experimental)
— ar aspect ratios greater than 2:1 (experimental)
— iw for weighing image prompts versus text prompts

April 03, 2023: Describe

  • Introducing /describe for image2text. Use the /describe command and upload an image to get 4 text prompts that try to describe the image.

April 05, 2023: Repeat & Permutations

  • Introducing the Repeat feature

— repeat with a number and your job will run that job that many times
For example /imagine cats — repeat 5 will create five 2x2 grids of cats

  • Try mixing — repeat with other arguments like — chaos to radically increase your pace of exploration.
  • Introducing the Permutations Feature. This feature lets you create large numbers of jobs with different combinations of words. A simple example of permutations:

/imagine a {cyberpunk, vaporwave, art deco} {cat, dog}



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