Quick Guide to Getting Personal with Your Facebook Business Page Fans.

Pedro Sostre
3 min readApr 3, 2018
Yes, there’s a real person behind all those company updates… 📷 by Samuel Zeller

Facebook — and social media in general — can feel a little cold sometimes. It’s natural to want to communicate in a more personal way with the people that have chosen to follow and engage with your business page.

The good news is that you can post as yourself on your business page pretty easily. Just selecting your name from the drop down in the upper right corner:

The bad news is that you’ll want to be careful how you use this.

Comment Responses = 👍

If you want to post as yourself when responding to visitor comments to make them a bit more personal, that will be ok.

Just remember to make your relationship to the brand expressly clear in each response. The person you’re responding has no way to know that you are related to the brand you’re representing.

Promotional Page Posts = 💩

If you try to make page posts from your personal account, most people will never see it.

This is because when you post as yourself, your post doesn’t go in the main business post timeline. Instead, your post gets pushed onto the “Community/Public Posts” section of your business page and doesn’t get promoted in the newsfeeds of your fans.

Three Additional Ideas for a Personal Touch

If responding to comments isn’t enough, there are a few other options to consider when you want to get more personal with fans of your business.

Create a Facebook Group

If you want to interact with fans more personally, invite your fans to a Facebook Group. In groups, all posts will come from your personal account — they also provide more organic reach and engagement.

Add Yourself as a “Team Member”

Under the “About” section of your page, there is a section for Team Members. In a couple of clicks, you can get your profile to show up in that area.

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