Two Speeds of ADHD

I have two speeds: Namaste, or “I’ll cut a bitch.” ~Peter Shankman

Pedro Sostre
2 min readMay 17, 2017

In the early days of HARO, I had the pleasure of speaking to Peter Shankman. He was saying a lot of smart stuff, but the most surprising aspect of the call was how fast this dude talked. I could barely keep up — and he never slowed down.

One big exit (maybe more, I don’t know his life) and several best sellers later, he’s still surprising me.

He took the time to jump on an Online Geniuses AMA today and shared some great insights, including this gem of a quote:

Q: Do you think ADHD/ADD is helpful or hurtful as an entrepreneur? (asked by Azriel Ratz)

A: TOTALLY helpful, if you follow the right rules. For me, I very much have to make sure I’m doing the right things — I quit drinking because I can’t moderate. I have two speeds: Namaste, or “I’ll cut a bitch.” So for me, it’s about being true to the things that work best for me.

In addition to regular skydives — which he says offer, “a complete brain reset… and restores the chemicals to normal levels. (Dopamine, seratonin, etc.)” — Shankman runs Faster Than Normal, a blog/podcast/overall great resource for those who “share the gift of ADD/ADHD”.

Whether you’ve had ADD/ADHD for years, you’re the parent, friend, or employer of someone who has it, or if you’re not even sure if you have it at all, check out Faster Than Normal for great content and resources.

More from the AMA

Q: What are a few tactics to pitch reporters? (asked by David Feinman)

A: 1) Know your audience. Do your homework on each reporter, and pitch specifically. 2) Pitch trends — reporters prefer trends, vs. individual stories.

Q: What do you consider to be the best self-promo tool today? (asked by Pedro Sostre)

A: It’s still about creating excellent content. You create amazing content, people will come to you — regard you as an expert. The platforms to distribute that content are totally up to you.

Q: Do you think that we really are in another tech bubble like Mark Cuban says or is that just the hype now? (asked by Andrew)

A: It’s some kind of tech bubble, yeah. Probably not as bad as Cuban says, he a bit dramatic, but yes — Something.

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